We are experts in the installation and maintenance of the traditional Cornish hedge.

Conscientious preparation will ensure a successful, weed-free result.

No matter how high the brambles, gorse, hawthorn or whatever, we will cut it down to ground level

Lawn Maintenance

We can install all types of gates using all kinds of fence posts.

We provide a wide variety of landscape and garden services of which a few are set out below. If you don't see precisely what you are looking for please ask.  If we don't do it, we will almost certainly know a very capable company which does. 

Stone Walling

We are licensed for garden and builder's waste and will make sure that we leave your property clean and tidy.

We can keep your garden in top shape with all-year garden maintenance.

We specialise in the installation of all types of fencing, built to withstand the Penwith weather.

Scrub Clearance


Garden Maintenance


Hedge Cutting

We can create your lawn from seed or turf and then cut, fertilise, scarify, top dress, and overseed it.

Cornish hedges are a distinctive feature of the Duchy's landscape.  We will cut sensitively to encourage species diversity.

Cornish Hedges

Ground Preparation

Installation and repairs using design local to the area and indigenous stone.